Warm weather thunderstorms can come out of nowhere. Sometimes, with little warning, you can lose power and find yourself on a family scavenger hunt for flashlights and candles - unless you've planned ahead!

Here's a fun activity that will help your family live up to the Scout motto, "Be prepared." It's an emergency storm kit that you can assemble together so you'll have needed supplies on hand in one place in case of a sudden blackout.Get a large shoebox and cover it with paper. (You might recycle a grocery bag and use the unprinted side.) Using markers, paint or crayons, decorate it with safety symbols or lightning bolts.

Then place items in the box such as a flashlight, a windup or battery-powered clock, a manual "crank" can opener and a battery-powered radio so you can listen to the news to find out when the storm is expected to pass.

While you pack the kit, think of the things in the house that are electrically powered. Once you realize how many things you won't be able to use, you'll start to think of less obvious items to add to your kit. With no electricity, there probably won't be television, VCR or a computer. So add nonelectrical entertainment like playing cards, small board games, pad, pencil and crayons. Choose a favorite book or two for reading aloud together by flashlight.

Store the kit in a hall closet so that everyone will know where it is.

Remember, you can turn stormy weather into some quiet fun time together, if you're prepared!