Here's what the experts advise on finding the swimsuit that suits you best.

- Try on many different styles. You might be surprised which one looks best.

- Try on several sizes in the same style. Your suit size may not be the same as your dress size. Another complication: Swimsuit sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, a bigger size doesn't necessarily cover you more.

- Look for wrinkles (on the swimsuit, not on your body). If the suit wrinkles at the bottom of your derriere or across your midriff, for example, it's probably too big. It will get even bigger when it's wet. A suit should fit like a second skin.

- Sit, stand, walk, bend over. The suit shouldn't ride up, the shoulder straps should stay in place.

- Buy a suit that draws attention away from your problem area For example, a high-cut leg is more flattering to a heavy thigh than a straight leg line. The high-cut makes legs look longer and draws attention toward your waist.

- Choose a color that flatters your skin tone. You will, afterall, be showing lots of skin.

- To look thinner, buy a heavily constructed suit with princess seams, a tummy control panel and built-in bra. Brand names that come to mind include Miraclesuit, Gottex and Anne Cole.

- Read the tags. Many brands attach labels to their suits that list the areas the suit helps camoflage.