Taking a break from college can be nice. Georgiana Kennedy's break lasted nearly six decades.

Kennedy, 77, will graduate Saturday from the University of New Mexico, long after she started her college career."I didn't know it was going to take me 60 years to finish," she said. "I think I always thought someday it would work out."

Kennedy planned to be a nursing major at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colo. But she got married after her first year and, instead of finishing her degree, had four sons and four daughters, a 58-year marriage and a successful business.

"Back then, when women got married, they didn't continue to work," she said. "Some time in the 1960s I realized I'd like to get a degree in music. But it didn't seem possible in a large family."

Kennedy eventually began taking occasional classes, piecing together her degree from correspondence courses and summer school.

Her husband, John, said it was her drive that helped her finish.

"You spell `drive' with capital letters in her case," he said, beaming.