Sunday suppers at black churches may never be the same.

A group formed through South Carolina's African Methodist Episcopal churches wants congregations to update church dinners with reduced-fat menus."We can save lives with all the information we are sharing with you today," said Jeannette Jordan, who organized a program at Morris Brown AME Church. "The fat in our diet is the culprit for every major chronic disease."

The menu update is a joint effort of the Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina and the church's statewide cancer education program.

Jordan suggests lowering fat intake, eating more lentils and fiber, and consuming less meat or smoked and salted foods.

"I was brought up to eat everything on your plate, even if you were full," said the Rev. Allen Parrott of Morris Brown AME. "So we've got to break those bad habits, and that takes time and education. But that's where we're going."

Delores Jones, a cook, spoke about fat-free and low-fat recipe substitutions for church favorites. For example, three tablespoons of cocoa plus one tablespoon of vegetable oil equals an ounce of baking chocolate.

DeBorah McCollum-Mims, a registered nurse, suggested boiling meat, chicken or fish bones, then cooking rice in strained broth rich in calcium.