American women are divided over whether the feminist movement has benefited them, according to a new poll.

The Lifetime Women's Pulse Poll, conducted for cable television and released Thursday, found that half of the respondents believed the feminist movement has had no effect on their lives; 41 percent felt it has had a positive effect; 6 percent a negative effect; and 3 percent had no answer.The poll also found that 47 percent of the respondents who work full time outside the home believe feminism has benefited them, compared with 27 percent of the homemakers.

Age had little impact on the answer, said Dina Mirriam, one of the pollsters.

Also, 53.5 percent of the respondents said the word "feminism" has positive connotations; 46.5 percent thought it was negative or neutral.

And 59 percent viewed femininity as a positive quality, 41 percent as negative.