I feel that your paper is not giving voice to people with my views on wildlife. I have been a lifelong resident of the state of Utah, and I have fished and hunted most of my life.

I feel that it is time for all Utahns to be concerned about the management of wildlife in Utah. We need to make sure that everyone knows about the constitutional amendment SJR10 and why it is so important.I feel that the Division of Wildlife Resources has done a good job taking care of our wildlife. I remember when I was in high school and I went fishing in the Uinta Mountains, you would not see any moose. Now when I take my grandchildren fishing, there are a lot of moose and other wildlife.

I do not want a bunch of outsiders coming into our state and telling us how to manage our wildlife. What the division has been doing works, and works well. There is a large number of moose, elk, wild sheep, goats and buffalo in this state.

I think this is a result of the great management by the division. Let's not replace a wheel that is not broken. Wildlife management is very complex. The division needs a lot of time to make change in the management of wildlife for its habitat. I feel the division needs our support of their management style. I do not feel that we should try to manage wildlife from the ballot box. I am concerned that if we tried to manage wildlife from the ballot box we would not have all the facts to these complex issues.

I love to go fishing with my grandchildren; it is the best outing a family can have.

Wildlife needs professional management using science and biology, not emotion at the ballot box.

Charles Johnson