BUENOS AIRES - Argentina moved to the brink of breaking diplomatic ties with Iran over suspicions that Tehran was involved in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed 86.

BUENOS AIRES - Argentine President Carlos Menem ordered the commander of Croatia's largest World War II concentration camp returned to the Balkan nation to stand trial for alleged war crimes.


MANILA - Fire swept through a suburban Manila hospital before dawn, killing at least eight patients. Twelve people were believed trapped in the building.


DAMASCUS - Thousands of Palestinians, some carrying black flags and anti-Israeli banners, marched in a funeral procession for seven guerrillas killed in an Israeli air raid in Lebanon.


PHNOM PENH - Peace negotiations aimed at cementing a cease-fire broke down Friday, 20 minutes after government officials and troops loyal to Cambodia's deposed co-premier sat down to talk.


TOKYO - Tokyo's auto rental companies are laying down the law: No more renting to mobsters. "They don't pay, they don't return the vehicles and they use them for getaways," said a spokesman for Tokyo Rental Car Association.


ADDIS ABABA - Troops from Ethiopia and Eritrea have crossed into each others' countries, Eritrea's ambassador said, and urged both sides to withdraw to help end their border dispute.


KINSHASA - President Laurent Kabila canceled Friday's summit to mark the first anniversary of his accession to power in the former Zaire, blaming border problems between likely participants Ethiopia and Eritrea.


MANAGUA - At least 22 people, including two police officers, were injured during several hours of mass demonstrations over Nicaragua's ongoing doctors' strike, the Red Cross and National Police said.


DUBLIN - Pro-British gunmen who called a truce Friday aiming to boost a campaign against Northern Ireland's peace deal have been some of the most ruthless participants in the province's conflict.


OLVESTON - Five people appeared in court in Montserrat on charges they robbed a branch of Barclays Bank in the volcano-ravaged island's capital of about 1 million East Caribbean dollars.


SAO PAULO - An 11-year-old rape victim whose pregnancy gained national attention last year has given birth to a healthy boy, hospital officials said.


BOGOTA - The United States has revoked the visa of a senior Colombian general who human rights groups say has a lengthy record of backing paramilitary forces involved in death squad activity, the officer said.


MOSCOW - An ultranationalist group denied planting a bomb that badly damaged a synagogue and injured two people, hours after an anonymous caller reportedly claimed responsibility for the blast on behalf of the group.


MEXICO CITY - Mexico accepted U.S. aid to fight about 180 brush and forest fires that have blanketed parts of both countries with dense haze, authorities said.