Well, the Journey reunion didn't quite do what it was suppose to. Sure the band got back together and recorded the multi-platinum album, "Trial By Fire."

But circumstances wouldn't let the band tour. And fans who waited "patiently" for a tour are still left in the cold.That brings us to the "Trail By Fire" follow-up. "Greatest Hits Live" is a bittersweet release.

Sure it's live. But the concerts the songs were culled from took place in 1981 and 1983. While some may argue those shows occurred when Journey was on top of the world, others may think the release smells of a quick release to pacify the fans' restlessness.

Both may be true. But the fact remains that this album was mastered from forgotten concert tapes that had to be baked so they could be separated for play. (Analogue tapes have been known to become sticky like adhesive tapes if left unplayed for a few years.) And the finished product is totally done without the use of overdubs or additional production to enhance the sound.

So what you hear is exactly how the songs sounded live. And it does give insight of how well the band sounded in concert back in its heyday. These takes are studio quality - except for the intro to "Anyway You Want It," which the band could never get right live.

A majority of the favorites are here. More accurately, this live album leaves off where 1980's live release, "Captured," leaves off. Most of the 16 songs on "Greatest Hits Live" come from post-"Captured" releases - "Escape" and "Frontiers."

From "Escape" you'll find "Don't Stop Believin' ," "Stone In Love," "Who's Crying Now," "Still They Ride," "Escape" and "Open Arms."

As for "Frontiers" there's "Separate Ways (World's Apart)," "Send Her My Love," "After the Fall" and "Faithfully."

But keeping in mind that this is a greatest hits package, songs such as the aforementioned "Anyway You Want It," "Line of Fire" and "Stay Awhile" from the album "Departure" are teamed with "Lights," "Wheel in the Sky" from "Infinity" and "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' " from "Evolution."

The album delivers the goods, but after a few careful listens, fans may find the live-performance excitement found on "Captured" has been stifled a bit.