The desperation of the Utah Democrat Party has surfaced again. I believe it will be in vain if Utah citizens truly think about what they have to endorse in order to be a Democrat.

First and foremost, they must endorse the lies and the immorality of their president. These things probably only scratch the surface, but this is not an anti-Clinton letter.They will also, by association and creed, accept abortion, including the heinous partial-birth abortion. They will become the party of homosexuals and special interests. They will become the party of illegal foreign campaign contributions and House bank and post office scandals.

They will belong to the party that scorns the Constitution and promotes everything from gun control, to a belief in "the separation of church and state," which words do not appear in the Constitution and have become the keystone to their faulty thinking.

I don't care what Elder Marlin K. Jensen said, I don't believe he was endorsing any of that stuff. He does however cling to the title of Democrat. What he does with that title is his business, but I will tell him and all the others, whether general authorities, or not, my belief in what the church teaches doesn't include any of these things.

The present position and stance of the Democratic Party makes it impossible for a true Latter-day Saint to endorse it.

Neldon B. Jensen

Salt Lake City