Cuban President Fidel Castro showed up at the same conference and stayed at the same hotel as first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the two shared nothing else.

The leader of the communist island nation sat just a few feet away from Hillary Clinton as she spoke at a session marking the 50th anniversary of the World Health Organization.But the two didn't meet or even acknowledge each other.

"I have no problem with greeting (the Clintons), but they can't do it," Castro said. "I have clean hands. I won't pass on any infectious diseases."

Hillary Clinton and the 70-year-old Cuban leader attended separate receptions at the Geneva hotel where both are staying. Hotel management insisted that having the pair stay just floors apart posed no problem.

Castro's program includes a meeting with Geneva-based diplomats and various private meetings, said Cuban ambassador Carlos Amat Flores. Castro also speaks to the World Trade Organization next week.