Dr. Edward B. Clark, a pioneer in the study of cardiovascular development and techniques used to measure functional characteristics of a developing system, has been selected first holder of the Wilma T. Gibson Presidential Endowed Chair in Pediatrics at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Clark is professor and chairman of the Department of Pediatrics and medical director of Primary Children's Medical Center.Gibson, who died two years ago, had a deep affection and concern for children. She established the pediatrics endowed chair to support children.

Clark joined the U. faculty in 1996. His publications on the developmental biology of the cardiovascular system and human genetics of cardiovascular malformations have attracted worldwide attention.

He and his wife, Carleen Clark, co-authored "The Heart of a Child," a family reference book. And Clark's pathogenetic classification of congenital heart defects, used by medical geneticists and epidemiologists, is recognized as a major tool for analyzing human congenital heart malformations.

Clark is past chairman of the American Heart Association Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young and is a member of the council's research and evaluation committee.

He is active in national and international pediatric cardiology organizations and is a consultant to the National Institutes of Health and other academic institutions.