Police killed a bank robber Thursday after a chase in which a police dog died jumping in the line of fire to shield his human partner.

"The dog took the bullets for his partner," police officer Arthur Danner said. "That's what they're trained to do, but it's like losing one of our own."The incident happened after a robbery at a bank near downtown Nashville. Police officer Terry Burnett and his dog Aron, who were in the neighborhood when the bank sent out an alarm, confronted the bandit on a street.

The robber fired several shots as Aron jumped at him, hitting the dog but leaving Burnett with only a slight foot wound.

The officer put Aron in his squad car and drove him to a nearby animal clinic, but veterinarians were unable to save him.

About 90 minutes later police surrounded the bandit in a wooded area where he was killed in a shootout with a SWAT team.