We have a child attending Hunter Elementary School. Throughout this past school year, students at the school have been involved in activities that encourage them to become a "community of caring." Unfortunately, we feel that caring attitude has been sadly absent in the recent controversy over the Granite School District's proposal to house 36 behavioral education junior high students in the old Hunter Elementary satellite building.

As we attended meetings regarding this proposal, we heard people say things like, "We don't want those kids in our neighborhood," "We're always getting dumped on" and "This is an invasion of a nice neighborhood."We can only imagine the hurt these junior high children and their parents must feel at these kinds of statements. It seems ironic that this kind of attitude would occur in a state that was created because no one else wanted "those Mormons" in their back yard.

We feel that the school district effectively addressed any potential safety issues that might have arisen from the behavioral program. We also believe that only two valid arguments were presented against moving the behavioral education program to the satellite building - one regarding the rising population at the elementary school (and subsequent need to use relocatables) and the other regarding nearby elementary students being bused to schools outside the neighborhood.

We feel saddened by the mean-spirited attitudes of our friends and neighbors and by the fact that the school district feels the need to sacrifice the well-being of their behavioral education students as a result.

Kevin and Wendy Fayles

West Valley City