Last year in Adelaide, Australia, President Clinton's name came up at a dinner party. I was embarrassed when everyone broke out laughing. Later, in Africa, I was with a group of Botswana engineers; Clinton's name brought more laughter. Two months ago, in Jordan, my professional friends whooped it up when the subject came around to Clinton.

Last month I was 300 miles in the bush of Ethiopia in an area isolated from the rest of the world. The natives eke out a living without the luxury of electricity, running water, telephones and television. I was surprised when the area chief asked me to tell him about Clinton's "sex slaves in the Washington palace."They are not only laughing at Clinton, they are laughing at the apparent lack of morality by a nation who elected him. The Clintons are involved in a seemingly endless list of questionable dealings. My foreign friends all pitched in and began naming shady dealings in machine-gun succession. They are aware of more nefarious dealings than I am.

"Well Dave," one said, "You guys got just what you voted for." Another pitched in, "Do you let a known thief run a bank or let a sex maniac baby-sit your kids?" The voters knowingly placed a liar and immoral man into the White House. No one should be surprised that the result is an immoral president. He has dishonored the office of the president of the United States and we let him do it. Will we ever learn?

David Butts