A conductor saw a child lying in the path of his slow-moving freight train and saved the little girl's life by kicking her off the tracks.

Norfolk Southern conductor Robert Mohr and engineer Rod Lindley saw that 19-month-old Emily Marshall had wandered onto the tracks in front of them Tuesday, but they knew they couldn't stop their 96-car freight train before it reached her.With the train still moving about 10 mph, Mohr clambered to the front of the locomotive, grabbed a railing, leaned over and kicked the child off the tracks.

"I don't even remember going out the door and down the steps," Mohr said Wednesday from his home in Denver, Ind. "I don't even remember the engineer blowing the whistle. Everything was on that baby."

When the train stopped, he jumped off and cradled Emily. Mohr, who has four children of his own, said the little girl clung to his shirt when paramedics tried to take her away.

"I don't feel like any hero," said Mohr, who has worked on the railroad for 23 years. "I don't like that. I did what anybody would have done."

Police said Emily had wandered from her nearby home while her mother, Tila Jo Marshall, was planting flowers in the yard.

Emily suffered a cut on her head and a swollen upper lip.