Salt Lake County motorists won't have to wait in two lines to handle their county property taxes and state motor vehicle registration business, a Utah Tax Commission spokeswoman said Thursday.

Janice Perry Gully said the state will assume both tasks, following a decision by county commissioners Wednesday to terminate a contract with the state to process vehicle registrations and collect fees."There will only be one line," said Gully. "About four years ago, the Legislature passed a law that either the state or the county" must provide the service.

Commissioners, who estimate the cost of providing the service at between $1.5 million and $2.1 million a year, said they are dropping the contract because the state only reimburses the county $900,000.

When the state takes over the service next fall, the county will reimburse the Tax Commission for the cost of collecting taxes and the new uniform motor vehicle fees that will replace vehicle property taxes after Jan. 1.

State tax officials now must decide whether to process motor vehicle fees and registration at the existing county sites in Murray and Rose Park, or look for new locations, Gully said.