Mariah Carey may be lots of things, but don't call her a diva.

The princess of pop demonstrated less than royal behavior toward Prince Albert of Monaco at the recent World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, the New York Post reported.Carey delayed taping of the show, to be aired on ABC next week, by more than an hour, then kept the prince waiting at a gala dinner, the Post quoted sources as saying Wednesday.

She and her entourage of 30 also kept the seamstresses at the Hotel de Paris so busy they were unavailable to other guests, the sources said.

"Oh, please," Carey said. "I am not a diva! It wasn't like I rolled into Monaco, flung out my arms and said, `Bring me all the seamstresses in the land.' " And she was not an hour late, she said: "It was maybe 10 minutes, tops."