Alta View Hospital-

HOLT, Sherie and Cameron, West Jordan, girl, May 13.

MARSH, Paula and Craig, Sandy, girl, May 11.

SCHOLTE, Nanette and A. Jason, Salt Lake City, boy, May 12.

SHUMWAY, Pam and Max, Sandy, girl, May 12.

SINDT, Ann and David, Midvale, boy, May 13.

SPANGER, Angela and Kurt, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

TAYLOR, Linda and Gregory, West Jordan, boy, May 12.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

ALLEN, Angialique, and IMLAY, Brett, West Valley City, girl, May 11.

BINGHAM, Ann and Michael, Logan, boy, May 12.

BRECKENRIDGE, Jennifer and Jay, Salt Lake City, boy, May 11.

BYTHEWAY, Shellie and Jared, Sandy, boy, May 11.

CHILDERS, Rachel and Michael, Magna, boy, May 11.

FLORES, Jodi and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

IPSEN, Elyse and Tadd, West Jordan, girl, May 11.

MORROW, Dixie and Ralph, Sandy, girl, May 10.

SMITH, Tracy and Lyman, Magna, boy, May 11.

SWENSEN, Becky and James, Magna, girl, May 7.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

BAILEY, Tonya and Ron, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

BELL, Audrey and Brandon, Sandy, boy, May 13.

BRUNDAGE, Christina, and DUDLEY, Daniel, Price, boy, May 11.

BURTON, Jennifer and Andrew, South Jordan, boy, May 12.

CULLEY, Caroline and Brad, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

SIMONSEN, Nancy, and McDONALD, Jody, South Jordan, boy, May 12.

VEHIKITE, Oketi and Antonio, Bennion, girl, May 12.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Angela and Devin, Salt Lake City, boy, May 12.

CALL, Denise and Kirk, Roy, triplets, 2 boys, girl, May 12.

ERWIN, Ellen and Julian, Salt Lake City, twins, boy and girl, May 12.

FARLEY, Sheri and Greg, Centerville, boy, May 12.

GWYNN, Titia and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

HYMAS, Renae and Douglas, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

JORDISON, Vickie, and ROSEBERRY, Scott, Salt Lake City, boy, May 12.

KELLY, Kunthea and John, Bountiful, girl, May 12.

KUMA, Fepaki, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

McKENZIE, Rebecca and Karl, Draper, boy, May 12.

MITCHELL, Mandy and Daniel, Layton, girl, May 12.

MOCKETT, Holly and Gregory, Midvale, girl, May 12.

REAL, Julie and J. Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

WOOD, Jennifer and Kevin, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

GRAHAM, Vickie and Roger, Layton, boy, May 12.

HALES, Mindy and David, Ogden, girl, May 12.

LUCERO, Brenda, Ogden, twins, boy and girl, May 12.

SEARLE, Melissa and David, Ogden, girl, May 12.

SKRZYPEK, ReNae and Steve, Hill AFB, girl, May 11.

STITZER, Kari, Ogden, girl, May 12.

WILLIS, Lyndi and Jeffrey, Syracuse, girl, May 12.

WILSON, Jaime and Nathan, Clinton, girl, May 13.

Orem Community Hospital-

ADAIR, Leah and Brian, Orem, boy, May 4.

BRIGGS, Andrea and Zane, Orem, girl, May 4.

COREY, Rachel and Douglas, Provo, boy, May 8.

COUSERT, Cindy and Glen, Orem, boy, May 6.

COWLEY, Kisten and Willam, Provo, girl, May 9.

EOFF, Heather and Andrew, Orem, girl, May 9.

FRITCHER, Katherine and William, Provo, girl, May 8.

FULLMER, Lucia and Joseph, Provo, girl, May 6.

GILLMAN, Tracy and Kreg, Orem, girl, May 9.

GOATES, Valerie and Nathan, Provo, girl, May 7.

HUGO, Elizabeth and Chester, Provo, girl, May 4.

JOHNSON, Sheri and Eric, Lindon, girl, May 6.

JOHNSON, Suzy and Jason, Provo, boy, May 5.

KNIGHT, Heather and Jeffrey, Provo, girl, May 8.

LINVILLE, Heather and Eric, Orem, boy, May 8.

MACFARLANE, Melanie, Orem, girl, May 8.

MELTON, Audrey and Nathan, Orem, girl, May 11.

NIELSEN, Ruthanne and Edward, Provo, boy, May 7.

NULTY, Laura and Matthew, Provo, boy, May 5.

WHITNEY, Valory and Brian, Provo, boy, May 5.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

WORTHEN, Mandi and Dave, West Valley City, boy, May 12.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

HOWSDEN, Dawn and Michael, Tooele, girl, May 7.

PULSIPHER, Stephanie and Doug, West Jordan, boy, May 11.

ROBINSON, Sara and Bruce, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

SCHUMANN, PenniAnn and Jon, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

SESSIONS, Wendy and Ron, West Valley City, boy, May 9.

THORNE, Melanie and Glen, West Valley City, boy, May 9.

VARGAS, Lisa and Javier, Sandy, girl, May 11.

University Hospital-

DELATORRE, Genovena, Salt Lake City, boy, May 10.

FULKERSON, Lacey, and CHASE, Travis, Salt Lake City, boy, May 9.

HEDGCOCK, Holli and Brent, Layton, boy, May 9.

MELENDEZ, Berta and Carlos, Salt Lake City, girl, May 9.

SILLS, Tonya and Randy, Murray, girl, May 9.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BEALS, Kimberly and Greg, Provo, girl, May 7.

COLEMAN, Julie and John, Orem, boy, May 4.

DRASCHIL, Amy Joy, Provo, girl, May 5.

FORD, Nicole and Christian, Orem, girl, May 6.

GUTHRIE, Karma and Brannen, Orem, girl, May 5.

HANKS, Richelle and Grant, Provo, girl, May 4.

HANSEN, Carolyn and Peter, Sandy, girl, May 5.

HAROUNI, Genisette and Khosro, Provo, boy, May 4.

HEATH, Kristine and Dale, Orem, girl, May 6.

HIGBY, Wendi and Jed, Provo, girl, May 6.

HILCHIE, Teri and Darren, Orem, boy, May 5.

HULL, Rebecca and Brandon, Provo, boy, May 5.

HUSSEY, Karie and Troy, Orem, girl, May 6.

ISOM, Kiersten and Michael, Provo, boy, May 5.

JACOBS, Lisa and Lincoln, Lindon, girl, May 6.

JENSEN, Sandi and Ryan, Provo, girl, May 6.

JONES, Shelli and Craig, Payson, boy, May 6.

JUAREZ, Maria and Omar, Orem, boy, May 7.

KARR, Jennifer and Kevin, Orem, boy, May 4.

McLEOD, Tracy and Colin, Orem, girl, May 4.

MERTLICH, Angelina and William, Provo, girl, May 7.

OBERG, Kim and Scott, Orem, girl, May 5.

RIGBY, Terri and Don, Provo, boy, May 4.

RUIZ, Esther and Juan, Provo, girl, May 5.

SABIN, Kellie and Jeffrey, Spanish Fork, girl, May 6.

SCOTT, Elizabeth and Aaron, Provo, girl, May 4.

SMITH, Becky and James, Provo, boy, May 7.

SPENCER, Calleen and Michael, Springville, girl, May 5.

STINSON, Kimberlee and Seth, Provo, girl, May 5.

THURMAN, Arminda and Trevin, Provo, girl, May 5.

VEECH, SaraLyn and Stephen, Springville, boy, May 5.

VILES, Marci, and STUBBLEFIELD, Jared, Provo, boy, May 6.