After watching the way delegates voted in the convention, I realized that the Utah County Republican Party is no longer the mainstream Republican Party.

As many have said, in this state all you have to do is say you're a Republican and you can get elected. People don't read the individual names of the candidates, they mark the little box at the top of the column that says "Republican."Well, now the "non-mainstream" groups have figured this out, and have become delegates to the Republican Convention (Utah County) - their issues are not the same issues as the party, but because the "mainstreamers" have become complacent and don't attend the meetings where the delegates are chosen, these other groups have infiltrated the party. They choose the candidate, they pick the platform, they make the initial choices for the whole party.

Either more "mainstream" Republicans need to open their eyes and see what's happening and become more involved, or this county is going to be governed by people who do not represent the ideals of the people in this valley.

Maybe there shouldn't be a system where candidates are chosen in a convention; maybe everyone should get the opportunity to vote on any candidate, instead of a very small minority of voters picking the candidates.

I hope everyone will get out, become involved, vote. Let's keep this valley in the "mainstream."

Jalayne Lamph