As expected, a reconciliation of West Jordan's dwindling fleet fund cash reserve has determined money taken from the fund was spent properly and with council approval to purchase capital assets for the city.

City officials agreed Tuesday night they have reconstructed how some $1.6 million was moved out of the fleet fund reserve and used on other purchases benefiting the city's motor vehicle fleet.There was also consensus that fleet manager Gordon Ryan had not been advised of the transfers, leading him to believe there was a major discrepancy between the city's books and his own books.

It was a kinder and gentler work meeting this week as the council strove to resolve some of the discord and rhetoric that has been flying around the city offices for the past three weeks.

Ryan said after the meeting there had been "a good faith effort" by the council to resolve the issue and shoulder responsibility for spending money that the city had historically set aside to capture vehicle depreciation and purchase replacement vehicles.

"I applaud their integrity for that," the fleet manager said.

While Ryan noted he was "not part of the discovery process" that reconciled his books with the city's accounting system, he said he agrees with Councilman Bryan Pts' assessment last week that the recent confusion about the fund was due to "miscommunication."

Much of that confusion, the council now agrees, resulted because Ryan was not notified by city administrators about how the reserve fund was being used.

The mayor, who was openly criticized by some council members two weeks ago when she made the discrepancy public, also was in a conciliatory mood Tuesday.

"The council made decisions in the past that affected the fleet fund unbeknownst to Mr. Ryan," she said.

"But those decisions were made before my election," she added, "so I'm going to abstain from any judgments."

The council originally planned to issue a press release about the resolution of the issue but decided to hold off for a day or two while some of the language is fine-tuned.