Somebody stole the $1,000 saddle awarded Miss Rodeo Ogden 1998 right out of the back of a pickup truck in a church parking lot on Sunday.

Amber Webb, a 20-year-old Weber State University student from Clinton, had been awarded the saddle Saturday night as part of her title.But by Sunday afternoon, someone tore up the shell on the pickup truck and hauled it off, Weber County sheriff's deputies said.

"The saddle was in a box, and once they open it and see what they've got, they're going to realize they'll have a hard time selling it," said sheriff's detective Gary Worthen.

The saddle has the words "Ms. Rodeo Ogden 1998" emblazoned on both sides, making it tough to fence, Worthen said.

A Miss Rodeo Ogden pageant official had the saddle in his truck so he could return it to the manufacturer for reworking. Pageant officials had ordered the saddle to have the words "Miss" Rodeo Ogden 1998, not "Ms.," carved into the sides of the saddle.