Alta View Hospital-

CLARK, Ilene and G. Todd, West Jordan, boy, May 11.

FITZGERALD, Raeleigh and Rex, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

FOGARTY, Krista and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, May 10.

Cottonwood Hospital-

CLARK, Wendy and Matthew, Provo, girl, May 11.

GALLACHER, Joni and Richard, Sandy, girl, May 12.

GORDON, Debra and David, Salt Lake City, girl, May 12.

KELSCH, Jennifer and Nathan, Midvale, boy, May 12.

LEONARD, Deborah and William, West Valley City, girl, May 11.

PARKER, Malina, and WILKINS, Jeffrey, Magna, boy, May 11.

THOMAS, Irene and Kerry, Magna, boy, May 12.

WALLACE, Laurie and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, May 11.

WILKINSON, Lesa and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy, May 12.

WILSON, Stephanie and Steven, Midvale, girl, May 11.

WOODRUFF, Jillene and Eric, West Jordan, boy, May 11.

LDS Hospital-

DOWNS, Julie, Park City, girl, May 11.

EDWARDS, Kimberly and Brett, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

EVANS, Angi and Todd, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

GARCIA, Maria and Arturo, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

HUTCHINS, Charlott, and JOHNSON, Willie, Blanding, girl, May 11.

JENKINS, Melanie and Douglas, West Jordan, boy, May 11.

LARSON, Alison and James, Salt Lake City, boy, May 11.

LEAVITT, Sarah and Cory, Sandy, girl, May 11.

MELLMER, Carol and Joseph, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

RUHR, Holly and Patrick, Bountiful, boy, May 11.

RUSSO, Annette and Michael, Murray, girl, May 11.

SIGLIN, Kristen and Matt, Salt Lake City, girl, May 11.

TIDWELL, Rebecca and Richard, Murray, girl, May 11.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ALLEN, Stacy, Ogden, boy, May 11.

BACA, Josie, Ogden, boy, May 9.

BELKA, Sheila and Robert, Ogden, girl, May 10.

BERGSTROM, Datina and Donovan, Ogden, girl, May 12.

BRADDOCK, Sheila, Layton, girl, May 11.

CARROLL, Jamie, Ogden, girl, May 7.

CHALUPA, Sherise and Scott, Ogden, boy, May 12.

CHESHIRE, Shauna and Sheldon, Ogden, girl, May 10.

COLE, Jennifer and Joshua, Ogden, girl, May 5.

DALTON, Rebecca and Trent, Ogden, boy, May 11.

GALLOWAY, Kami and Jeff, Ogden, boy, April 30.

HAISLIP, Allison, and MARTINEZ, Richard, Ogden, girl, May 9.

HASSELL, Karen and Chad, Ogden, girl, May 8.

KENNEDY, Angela and Ross, Clearfield, boy, May 8.

LAYTON, Kristi and KC, North Ogden, boy, May 8.

LONGMAN, Justina and Jeffrey, Ogden, boy, May 8.

MAXWELL, Lori and Jerry, Roy, girl, May 9.

MONTGOMERY, Cari and Anthony, Farr West, boy, May 10.

NICHOLS, Michelle and Sandord, Layton, girl, May 10.

PERRY, Karen and Lynn, Tremonton, girl, May 9.

SHAW, Lisa and Jared, Ogden, girl, May 8.

SPROUL, Suzanne and James, Ogden, boy, May 9.

THOMPSON, Katherine and Steven, Plain City, boy, May 10.

TOONE, Joan and David, Roy, boy, May 11.

University Hospital-

ALLRED, Sara, and HASKINS, Steven, West Valley City, girl, May 8.

ANDERSON, Heidi and Bret, West Valley City, girl, May 7.

BARLOW, Deborah and David, Salt Lake City, boy, May 10.

CONRAD, Jana and Jacob, Salt Lake City, boy, May 8.

DAVIS, Sally and Matthew, Evanston, Wyo., girl, April 17.

ELLIOTT, Cherise and Blaine, Orem, boy, May 6.

EVERETT, Kristen and Terry, Bluffdale, girl, May 5.

FULTZ, Darlene and Kenneth, Salt Lake City, boy, May 5.

GALLEGOS, Kathy and Alex, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4.

GILMORE, Trina and Wesley, Kearns, boy, May 4.

GUTIERREZ, Norma, and PROTILLO, William, Salt Lake City, boy, May 7.

LINDSEY, Sharon and George, Salt Lake City, girl, May 5.

LINNARZ, Farah and Dan, West Valley City, girl, May 3.

PACHECO, Yolanda, Kearns, girl, May 8.

PETROFF, Rozanne and Paul, Clearfield, boy, May 8.

SAAVEDRA, Estella, Salt Lake City, girl, May 8.

VALDEZ, Melinda, and CAMPOSANO, Eddie, Salt Lake City, boy, May 8.

VAN LEEUWEN, J. Michelle and James, Tooele, girl, May 8.

VEGA, Maria and Baltazar, West Jordan, boy, May 4.

WALDRON, Sheila and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, May 5.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ATWOOD, Melanie and Andrew, Spanish Fork, boy, April 29.

BARNETT, Denise and Brent, Provo, girl, May 2.

BLAIR, Traci and James, Provo, girl, May 3.

BOYER, Marche and Dell, Spanish Fork, boy, April 30.

BRADFORD, Kim and Kirk, Spanish Fork, boy, May 2.

BROADBENT, Cheri and Chad, Mapleton, girl, April 30.

CHADWICK, Carmina and Stephen, Spanish Fork, boy, May 3.

CLUFF, Carol and Mark, Provo, boy, May 3.

COOKSEY, Ayngi and Brian, Orem, girl, May 3.

CRANE, Shellie and Brent, Springville, girl, May 1.

DENTON, Louise and Thomas, Provo, boy, May 3.

FITT, Susan and Douglas, Orem, girl, May 2.

GIBSON, Racheal and Aaron, Provo, girl, May 3.

HALE, Julie and Mark, Orem, boy, April 30.

HARDING, Teresa and Cody, American Fork, boy, May 2.

HARPER, Monica and Aaron, Price, girl, May 3.

HOMER, Kiersten and Jonathan, Provo, boy, April 30.

HOWARD, Kami and Brian, Provo, girl, May 3.

JEPPERSON, Wendy and Kyle, Orem, boy, May 3.

LASTER, Amy and James, Orem, girl, April 28.

LeBARON, Amy and Michael, Provo, boy, April 29.

LIBBERTON, Michelle and Jason, Provo, girl, May 2.

MONSON, Tawnya and Mark, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 3.

NIELSEN, Tiffany and Greg, Provo, boy, May 3.

PETERSON, Sarah and Sid, Provo, girl, April 30.

PETERSON, Susan and Jared, Lehi, girl, May 2.

RAFF, Steffani and Kevin, Orem, girl, May 1.

ROYCE, Tysa and Steven, Orem, boy, May 1.

SCHRAMM, Christine and Brian, Orem, boy, April 28.

SHARP, Danell and Otis, Provo, girl, April 25.

SIMONS, Shannon and Jared, Provo, boy, May 1.

SMITH, Kuone and Rick, Orem, girl, May 1.

SMITH, Wendy and William, Orem, boy, May 2.

STOKES, Lisa and John, Provo, boy, May 3.

TAYLOR, Therese and Jay, Woodland Hills, girl, May 3.

THORNTON, Phyllis and Raymond, Provo, girl, May 1.

TUCKER, R'lene and Mark, Richfield, twin boys, April 30.

VANHOOSE, Emily-Ann and Dennis, Orem, boy, May 3.

WIHONGI, Monica and Jody, Provo, girl, May 3.