The alleged mastermind behind the fatal shootings of two girls at a high school is free on bond for the second time.

With the release Monday of 19-year-old Grant Boyette, only alleged gunman Luke Woodham remains jailed in the Oct. 1 killings at Pearl High School.Woodham, 17, is charged with murder and aggravated assault. Five other teenagers, including Boyette, are charged with conspiracy.

Boyette had been released on $75,000 bond Dec. 16. The district attorney appealed the bond to the state Supreme Court, and a three-judge panel revoked it in January. On Monday, the full Supreme Court authorized his release.

Boyette is charged with two counts of conspiracy to murder and accessory to murder before the fact in the shooting deaths of two Pearl High students.

Authorities said he helped plan the schoolhouse shooting spree, which wounded seven other students. Woodham, who remains behind bars, is also charged in the stabbing death of his mother the morning of the shootings.