No truck parking is allowed on Main Street, and city officials say it's not a new law but enforcement of the existing ordinance in an effort to improve safety and clean up Sunset's deteriorating central business district.

City manager Gail Hill said the ordinance has been in place a long time."We've ignored it on Main Street," she said.

Hill said the city had been very generous because of the lack of nearby semi truck parking facilities, but the situation has been taken advantage of recently.

"It's being abused," she said, with far too many trucks parked along Main Street. She said the trucks have killed a lot of the grass strips the city planted along the street.

In fact, it was determined that many semis parked along Main Street weren't even owned or operated by Sunset residents, she said.

Because of that abuse and a desire by city officials to clean up Main Street, the city started enforcing the parking ban last month.

The ordinance states that any vehicle over 16,000 pounds, except buses, can't be parked along Main Street unless it is delivering goods.

Hill said four truckers have called the city offices this month to complain. She admits there is no nearby facility to park trucks. A proposed facility in Clearfield, near the Freeport Center, didn't materialize. That means the closest location is more than six miles away in west Ogden.

Sunset wants to revitalize its central business district by sprucing up Main Street, a road that's highly visible from I-15.

"We'll be putting new grass there and new sprinkling systems," Hill said.

Hill said the many trucks parked along Main Street had also created a safety hazard.

Sierra RV has located along the south end of Main Street. Hill said the company has a temporary permit to park all its recreational vehicles and trailers on grass and dirt. However, the company eventually will have to pave the site to avoid a weed and mud problem.

Given the city's recent loss of several large businesses, she said city officials were pleased when Sierra decided to locate in Sunset.