As if construction delays and rising costs weren't enough, NASA is grappling with another space station dilemma: What to call it?

The international space station has no name other than International Space Station or ISS for short - the usual NASA alphabet soup.Station managers want a real name.

Astronauts really want a real name.

And public affairs types really, really want something catchier than ISS, pronounced letter by letter: I-S-S.

"It's another NASA acronym, isn't it?" astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz observed this month while training for shuttle Discovery's upcoming flight to Russia's Mir station.

"Antiseptic," grumbled another astronaut who asked to remain nameless - just like the station.

Naming the yet-to-fly space station isn't as easy as it sounds, officials maintain, since 16 countries are involved in the project and would have to agree on a moniker.