Any other year, Midvale budget watchers would likely be livid.

Just compare the city's proposed 1998-99 fiscal year budget figures with the current year - the differences are staggering.Property tax revenues double, there's a huge jump in the general fund, and there's more than a million-dollar increase in collected sales tax.

Now a reminder.

Midvale's population doubled in January with the annexation of the Union Fort and South Union Fort areas, adding about 15,000 new residents and a vigorous commercial center.

And that's how you boost your budget without a single tax or fee increase.

"All the differences can be attributed to the annexation," said city administrator Lee King.

The proposed 1998-99 general fund is almost $10 million.

Last year's general fund was just a bit more than $7.5 million. About $2 million of that was collected after the January annexation.

Utah cities operate on a fiscal year that begins in July. The 1998-99 proposed budget reflects the first full year of revenue and expenditures for the combined communities, King said.

While a jump in Midvale's property tax revenue is largely due to double the number of home and property owners, much of the $1 million sales tax increase comes from inheriting the Fort Union Family Center shopping complex.

Still, King emphasizes the city isn't getting fat off the new shopping complex.

"It's not a financial windfall," said King, adding the annexation agreement demanded that new commercial-based revenues could not exceed what's needed to provide services.

The increase in Midvale's public safety budget was needed to hire and support several new police officers and firefighters plus three new fire engines.

The annexation also prompted the hiring of several new full- and part-time public works employees. The city's administration staff has also grown.

A public hearing on the proposed 1998-99 budget is scheduled for 7 p.m. June 9 at Midvale City Hall, 80 E. Center.


Additional Information

Budget - Midvale

General fund: $9.9 million


General fund $7.5 million


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $1.26 million

Last year: $564,775

Sales tax: $4.76 million

Last year: $3.64 million

Franchise tax: $996,909

Last year: $774,000

Land sales &

administration: $368,200

Last year: $179,370

Other revenues: $2.6 million

Last year: $2.38 million

Where it goes:

Public safety: $4.8 million

Last year: $3.54 million

Parks & Rec. $298.232

Last year: $277,929

Streets: $886,408

Last year: $737,653

Community dev.: $143,834

Last year: $125,950

Restricted/other: $3.82 million

Last year: $2.86 million