A mother who complained she was refused time to feed her premature baby while in jail was arrested to begin with because the real suspect was using her driver's license.

On May 3, while out getting dinner for her family, Ruie Arguello, 22, was arrested by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper on a warrant accusing her of intoxication and assault.Arguello was taken to the Davis County Jail where she was booked, despite her insistence they had the wrong person.

While in jail, Arguello's family asked corrections officers to allow the mother to breast-feed her baby.

According to the jail's policy, infants are not allowed inside the jail. That policy is intended primarily to protect babies from illnesses such as hepatitis and tuberculosis, authorities said.

Sheriff Robert Davis said eventually his staff decided to break its own policy and accommodate the family.

Then on Friday, Layton police located a 21-year-old woman from Roy who was their real suspect.

The Roy woman, who is a friend of Arguello's, was arrested for intoxication and assault June 28, 1997. At the time of her arrest, the woman produced a Utah driver's license that identified her as Ruie Arguello. She was booked under that name.

When the Roy woman failed to appear in court, a warrant for Arguello's arrest was issued.

Police said the Roy woman told them that her driver's license had expired and because the two women looked alike, Arguello lent the woman her driver's license.

"Interviews with others who were present during the giving of the license confirm (the woman's) story," Layton police said.

"The thing that would have helped more than anything else is when she kept telling us that she wasn't the right person, she should have told us who the other person was," Davis County Sheriff Maj. K.D. Simpson added. "She never did that until later the next day."

In addition to being charged with misdemeanor intoxication and assault, police said they plan to charge the Roy woman with giving false information to police, also a misdemeanor.

Arguello denied ever giving her friend her driver's license, saying she went over to a friend's house and left it there.

"I had gone over there and left it there and I had made repeated attempts to get it, but she wouldn't give it back to me," Arguello said Saturday.