A blown tire at takeoff forced a TWA Boeing 727 with 142 passengers aboard to return to Salt Lake International Airport Sunday afternoon.

At about the same time, a wind gust flipped over a single-engine plane that had just nosed into the runway at Salt Lake Airport No. 2 in West Jordan.No one was injured in either incident.

David Herrmann, airport communications supervisor, said the TWA passenger jet experienced a tire failure at takeoff about 2:42 p.m. The pilot of the St. Louis-bound Flight 342 decided to circle back to the airport because tire fragments may have been sucked into one of the jet engines, Herrmann said.

Emergency crews and equip-ment were put on standby as a precaution, but the aircraft landed without incident.

At Airport No. 2, an unidentified pilot had just landed his Stinson, single-engine airplane when it experienced what's called "ground loop," where the nose tips into the runway.

Herrmann said soon after the pilot got out of the plane, a gust of wind flipped it over. The airport was briefly closed for an investigation of the incident and to remove the plane.