A Thai farmer completed a potentially deadly stunt on Monday after a week locked up with scores of deadly snakes in a Bangkok shopping center.

Boonreung Buachan, 27, from northeastern Si Saket province, had spent the previous 168 hours confined in a small glass-walled room with 100 cobras and 10 venomous centipedes.Boonreung, who was not paid for his efforts, spent much of his captivity playing with the creatures, calmly watching television from a bed as the snakes writhed among the sheets, or urging curious shoppers to join him.

Boonreung, who has been fascinated with snakes since he was a toddler, habitually shares his house with 60 or 70 of them and has only been bitten once.

A spokeswoman for the organizers said Boonreung's main worry had not been the snakes but the room's air conditioning system.

"He has sometimes complained that the room was a bit cold."