Another accident involving a UTA bus is in the news. Back and neck injuries are reported by passengers.

Again, we go back to the issue of seat belts. If Utah Transit Authority is in the business of transporting the public, does it not have the conscience or duty to provide seat belts in all of the buses? If it is the law in Utah to buckle up, why does UTA not abide? Is UTA exempt from the law?Accidents can alter one's life greatly. Back and neck injuries are with one for life. Lives are significantly changed by such injuries.

Without seat belts, every ride on a UTA bus is an accident waiting to happen.

Food for thought: Will Utah's new state of the art light-rail cars have seat belts? The answer is no, according to UTA's director of safety, Michelle Dutcher. UTA needs to be accountable to the public.

Judy H. Sorenson

Salt Lake City