The "TieRob Bandit" suspected of robbing 27 banks in 23 cities across the country while wearing business attire has been arrested in northern Arizona, the FBI said Saturday.

Francis Joseph Reilly, 55, was taken into custody Friday night in a hotel parking lot in Sedona. Doris Lang, a 51-year-old Canadian who was with him, was arrested and charged with harboring a fugitive plus aiding and abetting.Reilly, who authorities said escaped from a halfway house in Boston last year, was wanted on federal warrants for allegedly robbing banks in Atlanta, Miami and Pittsburgh.

"Reilly is suspected of 27 bank robberies in 23 cities in the course of a year. He was on the move and was all over the country," FBI spokesman Jack Callahan said.

The FBI gave Reilly the nickname because he wore a shirt and tie and sometimes a coat while allegedly hitting each bank.