Ripped-off roofs and toppled trees littered parts of Texas on Saturday after storms battered the state with wind up to 70 mph and hail as big as base-balls.

Some farm buildings were destroyed or blown away."I ended up with an extra barn in our pasture behind the house," said Kelli Tackett in Paradise. And because the storm knocked out power, she had to get ready for work by the light of her grandmother's coal oil lamp.

No serious injuries were reported.

The hail, wind and heavy rain pounded north-central Texas, mostly west and north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, on Friday evening.

"It scared me for a few minutes," said Denton County Sheriff's Department spokes-man Derrick Hartsfield. "When I looked at the radar and saw the red coming across - you know, the most severe storms - I got worried.

"My front yard was just white with hail and I've got some fairly big trees that were bent in two."

Hartsfield said one deputy felt the wind lift his car from the road.

The wind damaged about 100 houses and businesses in Wise County, northwest of Fort Worth, said Nancy Smith of the Red Cross. The majority of the damage in Denton County was to mobile homes, Hartsfield said.

In the Dallas area, at least one apartment unit was destroyed and 16 had major damage, said Rosemary Mote, Red Cross director of disaster services for the Dallas area.

At Rule, north of Abilene, the wind toppled the screen at Tower Drive-in, Texas' oldest continuously running outdoor theater.

Elsewhere, a private campground near Runaway Bay was extensively damaged and several people suffered minor injuries, the Jack County sheriff's office said.