Sentencing for a former North Salt Lake justice court judge who pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted perjury in his two divorce cases was delayed Friday in a continuing dispute over his financial assets.

One of David Y. Payne's former wives believes there are still considerable assets being hidden, according to her attorney, Steven Fenton.Second District Judge Roger S. Dutson said the allegations go to the heart of whether Payne is being honest now, which will affect his sentencing, and asked for more research into Payne's financial records.

Payne resigned from the North Salt Lake justice court bench after pleading guilty in April to two misdemeanor charges of attempted perjury. He faced two second-degree felony charges of perjury, which carry prison terms of one to 15 years.

Defense attorney Ron Yengich said Payne has few assets left.

Fenton, representing Payne's first wife, Susan Locke, said Payne engaged in a pattern of deception for years in which he put himself first in front of his family and children.

He's behind in his child support and cut his children off his health insurance, Fenton charged.

Payne was charged with the two felonies last fall. Payne did not disclose all of his financial assets during divorce proceedings in 1993-94 and in an annulment case with his second wife, Mikell Hansen, in 1995, according to the court documents.