It's OK to play ball in Barnes Park, but is it acceptable to play paintball in the city's adjacent business park?

That's an issue the City Council is wrestling with this month after receiving a proposal from a Layton business owner to relocate his paint-ball recreation center to the business park, located west of I-15 and north of 200 North.Gotcha Paintball Palace, 18 N. Fort Lane, Layton, wants to build a facility in Kaysville's business park.

The City Council is the landlord for the business park, and so far it hasn't allowed retail, heavy-traffic businesses to locate there.

It tabled a decision on the matter until its 7 p.m. May 19 meeting, pending further study.

"It changes the nature somewhat of the business park," Councilman Robert Rees said of al-lowing a business like Paintball Palace to locate there.

He said he's not sure it fits in. "It's not consistent with what we've tried to preserve there," he said.

Councilman Arthur Johnson said he recently visited the Paintball Palace. He advised the council to take a closer look at the proposal because in the larger picture such an activity does fit in with the recreational nature of nearby Barnes Park.

He said he'd like the other council members to visit the Paintball Palace, too.

Owners of the Paintball Palace, John and Teri Lowry, said it is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

They say they have players ages 8-71, but most are 12 to 30. "We're the only one in northern Utah," he said of Paintball Palace.

The 2-year-old facility is inside the former Tom Winegar's building at the corner of Fort Lane and Gentile Street.

Lowry said he's tired of using a leased building and would like a new facility that could build up equity. He's also considering adding batting cages and a miniature golf facility if he's able to expand in Kaysville.

He wanted a go-cart track, too, but dropped that idea after learning the council wouldn't favor such a noisy activity.