An erratic storm dropped nearly two inches of rain over portions of the Wasatch Front and caused a mild tornado that damaged some mobile homes in Kearns Friday.

Ogden got the worst of the it. The storm dropped 1.5 inches of rain in less than two hours, said National Weather Service Meteorologist Larry Burch.The heavy rains caused floods that forced about a dozen residents from their homes and made streets look like rivers.

"It's the worst I've ever seen it," said Ogden Police Lt. Dan Greenhalgh. "The water was flowing down streets so deep - two or three feet - it pushed off man holes. We had to shut down portions of the roads."

The water flooded about a dozen homes on Pingree Avenue in the southwest portion of Ogden, Greenhalgh said. About a dozen residents stayed at the city's Marshall White Center, where the Red Cross set up an emergency shelter.

Most of the residents returned home and began cleaning up the mess Saturday afternoon. No injuries were reported.

"Things are drying out," Greenhalgh said. "Most went home and started pumping out the water."

Officers responded to about 20 car accidents on the flooded Ogden streets, Greenhalgh added. No one was seriously injured. The Ogden police department brought in reserve officers to deal with the mess and to protect businesses and homes from looters. No arrests were made.

Investigators won't tally the total damage caused by the storm until next week.

An apartment building in Riverdale was evacuated after it was flooded. The storm dropped nearly two inches there.

The storm hit Ogden about 2 p.m. and lasted about an hour and a half. It moved south to Salt Lake City, where it dropped about three-fourths of an inch, Burch said.

The rains didn't cause any serious damage, but it turned the downtown area into a water park. Pedestrians waded through water so deep it reached their knees at some intersections.

A mild tornado caused havoc at the Shadow Ridge Mobile Home Park, 5075 S. 4700 West. The high winds ripped off the siding from about five mobile homes and tore apart several awnings about 4:15 p.m., according to the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department. It also broke off tree branches and ripped up shrubs but didn't cause any injuries.