Marilyn, 12, was born on Jan. 16, 1986. Marilyn is an active, bright young lady who enjoys running track and singing in the choir.

She is active in both youth and after-school programs. Marilyn is in the sixth grade and is receiving As and Bs.Marilyn has been in foster care for more than four years and has resided in three different foster placements. Counseling and medication have helped her in dealing with behaviors related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

She still needs a lot of patience and understanding from others before she shows signs of trust and shares her feelings. Marilyn shows little remorse when she has done something wrong. Her current foster placement, where she has been for a year, has provided her with the structure and consistency she needs.

Marilyn responds best to women and is very connected to the African-American community. All types of families who are able to meet Marilyn's needs will be considered.

Financial assistance is available.