Q. Didn't Megan Gallagher of "Millennium" once star in a sitcom some years ago? - S.S., Virginia Beach, Va.

A. The actress, who started on TV as Officer Tina Russo on "Hill Street Blues" (1986-87), has done a couple of comedies. She co-starred with Dabney Coleman in "The Slap Maxwell Story" as girlfriend Judy Ralston, and played Larry Sanders' wife Jeannie on "The Larry Sanders Show" (1992-93). Now she's Catherine Black on Fox's ultra-dark drama "Millennium." The show's season finale airs May 16.

Q. Who is that Elisabeth Harnois? She was in "My Date With the President's Daughter." - L.H., Flower Mound, Texas

A. Harnois (pronounced "arn-WA"), 18, moved from commercials to TV series in 1985 when she was chosen to play Alice in The Disney Channel's series "Adventures in Wonderland." She's been doing guest roles and voice-overs on TV ever since. Last year, she graduated from high school with top honors and currently is studying theater and film at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. "My Date" aired April 19 on "The Wonderful World of Disney."

Q. We are fans of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." We are curious about "Buffy's" theme song. What is it and how do we get it? - W. Family, Sachse, Texas

A. "Buffy's Theme" is written and performed by the group Nerf Herder. At this time, it is not available on CD.

Q. I really enjoy watching the reruns of "Quantum Leap" on the Sci-Fi Channel. I would like to know if there are any plans for a follow-up movie. Also, what was ALF's full name? - R.C., Willow Grove, Pa.

A. There's no "Quantum Leap" project in the works right now. Scott Bakula, who starred in "Quantum Leap" as time traveler Sam Beckett, is currently starring in the feature film "Major League 3." "ALF," the title of the 1980s sci-fi sitcom and the name of the space alien it featured, was an acronym for Alien Life Form.

Q. I've been a fan of Ted Levine's ("Moby Dick," "The Silence of the Lambs") for many years. I'm trying to recall the short-lived TV series he starred in back in the early '80s. Can you help me out? - Seattle Reader

A. Before he horrified movie-goers as the killer in "The Silence of the Lambs," Levine co-starred as Frank Holman in the series "Crime Story" (1986-88). He played First Mate Starbuck in USA's recent remake of "Moby Dick" and is in Tom Hanks' space opus "From the Earth to the Moon" as astronaut Alan Shepard.

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