Is "From the Earth to the Moon" a miniseries? And why should anyone care?

The 12-part HBO series - the brainchild of Oscar-winner Tom Hanks - has been at the center of one of those silly Hollywood storms. The broadcast networks as well as some cable networks insist that "Moon" is not a miniseries and thus not eligible to be nominated for an Emmy in that category.And, in fact, there is some validity to that argument. In the past, nominated miniseries have been single narratives told in multiple parts. Those arguing against "Moon" point out that the HBO series is 12 stand-alone episodes, much like any other weekly series.

The various episodes build on each other, but "From the Earth to the Moon" is not a single narrative. As an ad taken out in the Hollywood trade press recently pointed out, "It's an anthology series, it's a limited series, it's a docudrama . . . but it's not a miniseries."

Well, according to the Television Academy, which administers the Emmys, "Moon" is a miniseries. It has overruled objections and declared it eligible to be nominated in that category.

Of course, there's a very good reason why the folks at the other networks are arguing so strenuously against "From the Earth to the Moon" - they know that if it's nominated, it's going to win. This HBO series is so much better than the competition, it shouldn't even be much of a contest.

(It is, however, always possible that "Moon" won't win - the Emmys are rarely fair and often go to the undeserving.)

The flaw in the other networks' thinking is that anybody outside of the industry really cares who wins the Emmys. How many of you can remember what won the last best-miniseries Emmy? How many of you care?

What's important is that, while "From the Earth to the Moon" isn't perfect, it is leaps and bounds above most of what television has to offer. (And, according to Deseret News movie critic Jeff Vice, it's also better than just about everything theatrical movies have to offer, too.)

And this silly fight over the Emmys can't change that.

(By the way, the final two episodes of "From the Earth to the Moon" air Sunday at 9 and 10 p.m.)

HOPE IT'S A TREND: Here's good news from the world of awards shows - there's going to be one fewer. The National Cable Television Association has voted to disband the CableACE Awards.

They decided, correctly, that the CableACEs are redundant since cable programming became eligible for Emmys.

Now, if only we could get rid of maybe all but one of those country music awards, which seem to air about every other week.

NOT SUCH A BIG HIT: "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" may not be the hit ABC thought it was. The show premiered to strong ratings, but those numbers were boosted by the fact that Fox was airing the since-canceled "Significant Others" instead of "Party of Five."

However, since "Party" returned a couple of weeks ago, "Two Guys" has fallen dramatically in the ratings - it was a top-20 show, now it's struggling to stay in the top 50.

This would be a shame . . . if "Two Guys" wasn't so lame.

TUBE NOTES: In case you missed it, CBS announced that it was axing "Cybill." Which is not great loss - the show stopped being funny about two years ago.

- Eyemark Entertainment, the syndication arm of CBS, has canceled "The Gayle King Show."

- Queen Latifah, the rapper who starred in the Fox sitcom "Living Single," is reportedly going to host a celebrity-driven syndicated talk show of her own.