If you've watched any NBA at all, you probably have a particular call - or no-call - that just drives you nuts. Longtime league-watchers are no different, and here's what a few of them said when asked what call bothers them:

- Hot Rod Hundley, Jazz broadcaster, former player. "Palming the ball. It started with the superstars, and now everybody's doing it. It's easy to see why an offensive guy can get by anybody."- Mark Eaton, former Jazz center. "Anticipation calls. Refs anticipate a lot. They see what looks like is going to be a foul, and they blow a whistle."

- Ron Boone, Jazz broadcaster, former player. "The bump and shoot. Like Shaquille O'Neal. He bumps, just enough to throw you off-balance, to make you take a step back, and then he either explodes to the basket or he raises for a shot. You can't defend it. Refs give the offensive player too much right of way. The defense doesn't have any rights. As soon as the defender tries to get some leverage, to hold his ground, they're going to call a foul on him."

- Tom Nissalke, former NBA coach, KFAN radio commentator. "The illegal defense. Sometime, some way, they have to get that changed so you can play whatever you want. Any rule that necessitates one official spending all his time just watching that is not good. It's not being called right, and people don't understand it."