The letter from Melissa Romero in the March 22 Readers' Forum is symptomatic of the manner in which global warming is being promoted as the crisis du jour. I am sure she meant well, but she mixed up elements of recent environmental scares in a way that was somewhat comical.

For the record, global warming is a theory that has already been proved false. Never mind what Al Gore has to say on the subject; it is common knowledge that politicians use truth with great economy. Never mind that a number of scientists claim the theory is fact. Scientific truth is not determined by majority vote.What are the facts? It is true that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased significantly in the past century. It is also true that the earth's temperature has gone up slightly during the same time period. What is generally not well known is that the increase in temperature preceded most of the rise in carbon dioxide concentration. In fact, the temperature trend of the past 20 years, during which carbon dioxide has increased most, has been negative.

A natural question might be, "Is there any measurable effect of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide?" Well, yes, there is one. As most youngsters know, plants require carbon dioxide to grow. The increase in carbon dioxide is causing measurable increases in the amount and rate of plant growth and also allows plants to use less water. So, in fact, increased carbon dioxide is benefiting the earth.

Global warming is a political issue, not a scientific issue. The same folks who first warned that we were going to use up all our coal and oil, and then predicted a new ice age if we didn't curb energy consumption, are now telling us we will fry the earth if we don't give them the political means to control energy consumption. If we let them get away with this, I suppose we will get what we deserve.

Kerry Thompson

North Salt Lake