City officials still want the post office to remain downtown, but they believe they're being held hostage by the U.S. Postal Service.

The post office has outgrown its current building at 145 E. State and is expected to locate in a larger building. The city has agreed to find a site.However, that's where the dispute comes. City manager Max Forbush said there's a strong difference of opinion between what Salt Lake City postal officials want and what the regional postal leaders in Denver desire.

Local officials would prefer a two-acre site for a new post office, to ensure there's adequate room to serve Farmington's growing population.

Denver postal officials meanwhile believe a one-acre site would be adequate. If the facility outgrows a faciltiy on a one-acre site, then a satellite post office at the city's north end, near the Smith's Market shopping area, would be suitable, regional post office officials believe.

Forbush said the City Council favors the former VIP convenience store site at 35 S. 100 East for a new post office and that's only about an acre in size.

"Our first priority is to locate downtown," Forbush said.

Mayor Greg Bell said the city may have to look at other sites downtown, if the larger site plan ends up winning the dispute.