Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, you know, Liv's dad, experienced a sudden gust of gravity April 29 during the final encore of a two-date concert in Anchorage, Alaska.

The band's official Web site reported the 50-year-old singer, who tries to move like he's 30, tore the anterior cruciate ligament - the old knee stabilizer - and ripped up some surrounding cartilage.Aerosmith had to reschedule at least three months' worth of dates to accommodate Tyler's injury and subsequent surgery.

Concertgoers said after Tyler did the splits and a backflip, he spent a good deal of time sitting on a monitor rubbing his knee. (He actually banged his knee on the microphone stand). When he jumped up to sing, the flamboyant front-man fell flat on his face.

He finished the concert supported by his microphone stand and had to be helped off stage.

Imagine the irony if the band were playing its single "Falling In Love (is Hard on the Knees)" when the mishap occurred.

- COWBOY SIDEKICKS: Jon Bon Jovi has finally made a bona fide country music single. The New Jersey-bred wannabe cowboy famous for the neo-Western rock of "Wanted Dead or Alive" and the whole "Young Guns II" movie music album finally hooked up with someone even Garth Brooks might want to sing with - Chris LeDoux.

The other night as my wife (a country music fan) and I were cruising around (trying to get the kids to sleep), we heard a new Le-Doux single on the radio called "Bang a Drum."

Sure enough, it was the same song Bon Jovi had written for the "Young Guns II" gig. An array of listeners called in guesses of who was singing with LeDoux. One of the callers asked if it was W. Axl Rose from Guns N' Roses.

- REUNITED BUT (IS IT) JUST AS GOOD? Following on the heels of many rock groups who have buried the hatchets and regrouped - Styx, Culture Club, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles - the bands Poison, Blondie and Public Enemy have decided to make another stab at fame.

The original Blondie (without notable bassist Gary Valentine) and Public Enemy (Chuck D., Flava Flav, Terminator X and even long lost Professor Griff) deserve a hearty welcome back.

But Poison?

Man, that stuff will kill you.