More than 19,000 elementary school children throughout Utah County and other areas of the state have received a free all-day pass to Seven Peaks Water Park.

Schoolchildren who participated in the Peak Reader Program obtained the pass after completing reading requirements set forth by their elementary school. The program is aimed at motivating local schoolchildren to read."Literacy is a great way to promote education in our community," said Michael Russell, director of marketing for Seven Peaks.

The goal for most of the 19,135 children participating was to read the specified number of books determined by principals and teachers, Russell said. Four thousand additional students participated in this year's program. The program ran from March 13 until April 17.

Seven Peaks donated more than $250,000 worth of passes to students and the 1,517 teachers who took the time to administer the program, Russell said.

"Since the community has given so much to Seven Peaks over the years, this is one way we are able to give back to the community and to our biggest fans, the kids," Russell said. "We always appreciate the support we get throughout the sum-mer."