South Korea

SEOUL - North Korea threatened to scrap the 1994 accord aimed at easing nuclear tensions on the divided peninsula, after accusing the United States of failing to honor its part of the deal.


MOSCOW - A Russian boost-er rocket carried an American communications satellite aloft to relay broadcast signals to the central and western United States. The Echo-Star IV satellite blasted off aboard the Proton-K booster from the Baikonur cosmo-drome in the former Soviet republic of Kazakstan, the ITAR-Tass news agency said.


BRUSSELS - The former justice minister who released convicted Belgian child rapist Marc Dutroux from prison early faced mounting pressure to quit as a European judge.

Sierra Leone

FREETOWN - Junta loyalists ousted from power by West African forces in February have launched attacks in the north, killing at least 20 people and maiming 30, church sources and survivors said.


ROME - An Italian businessman spent some $600,000 on pros-ti-tutes in two years, police detectives who unveiled a high-class prostitution racket operating in Rome said.


RIGA - President Guntis Ulmanis called for Russia to keep out of his Baltic state's internal affairs and said it was making efforts to solve the question of integrating its large Russian minority.


ZAGREB - Pope John Paul II will visit Croatia in October and beatify a World War II Roman Catholic cardinal who was imprisoned by Yugoslav communist authorities, Archbishop Josip Bozanic.


BELGRADE - The nation rejected foreign mediation in the Kosovo crisis on the eve of new international sanctions for its failure to start talks with ethnic Albanian separatists.


MANILA - Front-runner Joseph Estrada wound up his campaign for president at a Mass surrounded by shanties in his home district in Manila.


MAGDEBURG - Talks between rival Social Democrats and Christian Democrats aimed at forming a coalition government in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt collapsed.


KATMANDU - Police detained at least 35 women demanding a share in parental property, which is traditionally not given to married daughters.


NEW DELHI - U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen has invited Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes to visit the United States to discuss bilateral relations and military cooperation, an official said.


PHNOM PENH - The government has secured 12.4 tons of gold worth $135 million held in an account in Switzerland by the Bank for International Settlements, the Phnom Penh Post newspaper said.

New Zealand

WELLINGTON - Up to 90 percent of chicks of the world's rarest penguin species will starve to death this year and El Nino is the likely cause, an Otago Museum official said.


MARJAYOUN - An explosion killed an Israeli-allied militiaman and destroyed his house in Israel's occupied zone in southern Lebanon, Lebanese security officials said.