I think it's interesting and ironic that people opposed to Anheuser-Busch as an Olympic sponsor will in one breath say they don't want liquor laws changed for the Olympics and then turn around and say they want tent sales of beer banned during the Olympics, something that is currently legal under Utah law.

I also think it's interesting that these people seem to think that Utah values are the same as Mormon values. I realize that 70 percent of Utah's population is Mormon, but only about half of those Mormons are active in their church.As an inactive Mormon, I want to say that my values include being hospitable to invited guests and most of all, tolerance for people who are different. I'm sure that even some active Mormons would agree with me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating the irresponsible use of alcohol and I support strict drunk driving laws, but I'm tired of people speaking of Utah values as if everyone in the state were a devout Mormon. Sure, let's be ourselves for the Olympics; let's let people see our Mormons, our drinkers, our large gay community, our ethnic minorities, our feminists, our environmentalists. Let's show them our diversity, our tolerance and our hospitality.

I read an article in a national magazine that said maybe our motto should be, "The world is welcome to do battle here." Let's try not to be the "battleground state." Holding your values dear doesn't mean you have to try to force them on everyone else.

Jeff Laver

Salt Lake City