The SCERA Performing Arts Academy will be showcased during an evening of music at 8 p.m., Monday, May 11, at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre.

More than 200 children ages 5 to 16 will demonstrate their skills in vocal and instrumental performance, theater and dancing. Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for children at the Shell gate, 699 S. State.Each of the academy's four directors has planned a segment during the evening. The SCERA Children's Chorus will sing renditions of "Shenandoah," "Castle On a Cloud," from Les Miserables and a variety of English and African folk songs.

The SCERA Beginning Band will offer two numbers "Majestic March" and "Sawmill Creek."

For more information about the event call 225-2569 weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.