I am writing on behalf of the students at Olympus Junior High School. Recently, we have decided to take a stand in the fight against pollution and the fight for the safety of the students here at Olympus Junior.

Many students had complained that they had to get a ride to school because of the lack of sidewalks around the streets of our school. Because more students were getting rides, that meant more cars on the road. About 500 more cars. So what were we to do?We wrote up a petition and sent it around the school. We had over 1,100 students sign our petition, saying that they would take an alternative to driving to school (walking, biking, rollerblading, etc.) if the county would provide some sidewalks. We have sent this petition to the County Commission office and hope they do something about it. If it passes, we will be helping save our environment by reducing the amount of cars on the road.

If you think this would benefit just us, you're wrong. These sidewalks would benefit anyone walking anywhere in the Holladay area. Not only would these sidewalks be an investment in the environment, it would also be an investment in the safety of our children and the pedestrians.

Christopher Vierig

Student at Olympus Junior High

Salt Lake City