I'm a school crossing guard for Salt Lake City, working at 1950 W. North Temple, one of the busiest intersections in the city, where cars whiz by at 50 miles an hour. Every day I take my life into my hands as I step off the curb with children.

I was asked to be a guard for the Run Through the Trees Race on April 18, and my job was to keep all cars off 600 East going north and south.A car turned onto 600 East, and as it came to my intersection, I signaled for it to turn off 600 East. Unbeknownst to me, it was an unmarked police car with a woman sergeant. She rolled down her window and gave me a complete dressing down. She said she was trying to get to Redondo Avenue on police business. She could have at least been kind; I was just doing my job, and had I known it was a police car, I would not have signaled for it to turn off 600 East.

I'm sure all police officers knew there was a race on 600 East because there were lots of police officers around that morning.

She wasn't in that big of a hurry because she stopped and talked to another policeman for at least five minutes.

I feel like quitting my job. I love the kids; I don't need the money; I do it more as a service. Many mornings at 6 a.m. when I don't feel at my best, I wonder why I do it . . . and then to be chewed out for just doing my job.

The woman police officer could have at least been kind. I do pay taxes and part of her wages, and they can at least be kind to us as we serve, too.

Dean F. Johnson

Salt Lake City