Kitty Dukakis underwent major surgery Friday to relieve dangerous pressure on her spinal column while her husband, Democratic front-runner Michael Dukakis, awaited the results in the hospital.

Dukakis spent the night on a bed in his wife's room, according to spokesman James Dorsey. He spent about 15 minutes this morning talking to the chief surgeon, Dr. Nicholas T. Zervas, before the operation began at 7:30 a.m. EDT."The governor is going to spend the morning at the hospital working," said Dorsey. "He is going to await the results."

Dukakis flew from San Francisco to Boston on Thursday to be with Mrs. Dukakis. Doctors intended to remove two herniated discs pressing against her spinal cord in her neck. They expected the operation to last from two to five hours.

"Kitty's feeling fine," Dukakis told reporters after the late-night visit. "She's in good spirits, looks good and is anxious to get this over."