Ford Motor Co. is recalling some Explorer, Mountaineer and Econoline vehicles because of safety concerns, the company said Wednesday.

The vehicles being recalled include 1997 and 1998 Explorers and Mountaineers with 4.0-liter SOHC engines. The company says a problem with the engine fuel line could result in a fire. About 340,000 vehicles are affected by the recall, of which 16,200 are in Canada.Ford's 1995 Econolines are being recalled because the parking brake cables could interfere with a fuel line and cause fuel leakage. That recall affects about 25,000 vehicles, of which 3,500 are in Canada.

Ford spokeswoman Karen Shaugnessy said no accidents, fires or injuries had been reported because of either problem.

"We generally learn of these sorts of things through field reports from our dealers," Shaugnessy said. "If we deem there's a safety concern, then we'll repair it. All we're saying is that there's a potential for a problem."

Owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by mail, Shaugnessy said. Dealers will repair the vehicles for free.